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Keynote Speakers


Philip Molyneux
Professor at University of Sharjah, UAE 

Colin C. Williams
Professor at the University of Sheffield, England

Colin Williams is Professor of Public Policy and joined the Management School in September 2006. Prior to this, he was a professor in the School of Management at the University of Leicester. Prof. Colin's broad research interests are in re-theorising the nature of economic development and investigating the implications for public policy. Spatially, his interests range across the full spectrum from local and regional economic development in the UK through to the restructuring of western economies, post-socialist societies and the third (majority) world. Much of his work focuses upon rethinking the meanings of 'economic' and 'development,' which directly feeds into the work of the Centre for Regional Economic and Enterprise Development (CREED). Prof. Colin currently serves as Editor of "The International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy".